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YOKISO Choshokaku Guide

First Floor

■Exhibition Room 1 & 2 (Former Living Room and Sun Room)

These spaces introduce information about Yokiso, Ito Jirozaemon, and other topics of interest with recorded images, panels, and a diorama with a scale-model reproduction of Yokiso in its prime (around 1939).

Exhibition Room 1 & 2 (Former Living Room and Sun Room)

■Cafe (Former Dining Room)

Here, you can enjoy viewing the garden and sipping a cup of coffee, tea, or other refreshment.

Cafe (Former Dining Room)

Second Floor

■Exhibition Room 3 (Former Study)

It is a western style room furnished with built-in bookshelves and lighting fixtures.

Exhibition Room 3 (Former Study)

■Exhibition Room 4 (Former Reception Room)

Here, various exhibits related to the history of the region are on display.

Exhibition Room 4 (Former Reception Room)

■Exhibition Room 5, 6 & 7 (Former Bedroom B, Sun Room, and Bedroom A)

Themed exhibitions are held here. Exhibition Room 5 exhibits the influence of Chinese architecture.

Exhibition Room 5, 6 & 7 (Former Bedroom B, Sun Room, and Bedroom A)

Basement Floor

■Basement Hall

The influence of Indian architecture can be observed in various details on this floor.

Basement Hall

■Meeting Room (Former Closet)

The room was used as a closet. It is now available as a rental room.

Meeting Room (Former Closet)

■Multipurpose Room(Old Ballroom )

Indian and Cambodian styles can be seen in the design of this room. This room is available as a rental room in the evening.

Multipurpose Room(Old Ballroom )